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Dino MIGHT by Weazel75
11012 views, 34 favorites, 1 comment
When you wish upon a star.
nm-dinoTF by Tincrash
10138 views, 33 favorites, 2 comments
dino-problem by Swatcher
8301 views, 33 favorites, 4 comments
It's time to smile for everyone's favorite dinosaur!
dino-moon by TfProxy
9530 views, 32 favorites, 4 comments
Under the light of the full moon, the stranges creatures come out.
Mega Aggron TF by Sa_no
6843 views, 32 favorites, 5 comments
Commission for Starlightpine
April by Taitora
5358 views, 31 favorites, 3 comments
March: Worldwide pandemic Me in April:
Split Necklace by Weazel75
9215 views, 31 favorites, 3 comments
Commission for Vectordragon on FA.
Rex-Trans by Cursed_soul
11688 views, 31 favorites, 11 comments
Because there are just not enough T-rex transformations out there.
TF Sketch Request Stream 5-26-2021 by Mxmaramoose
2 images, 6789 views, 30 favorites, 2 comments
And here's the result of last wednesdays WereCreature TF SKetch Request Stream! Hope yall enjoy! #TFEveryday
ltfpcluvonus by PickleJuice
14129 views, 29 favorites, 0 comments
Paradigm Cluvonus Transforms! LTF universe. Saurian/eel cross with electric ability.