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Living Costumes: Kaijuesque Vectors by Lucern7
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Vectordragon is the first to become a veruzekin diplomat in my Living Costume series. He chose a Kaiju, form which was indeed a challenge for the costume, challenging but not impossible. You know what they say about vectors though, they're infinitely scalable, so he'll have plenty of practice. Find out how you could also become a diplomat here: http://fav.me/d9hbgsh
Extinct by Foxx
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admitably velocoraptors are the only dinosaurs I'm really partial to.
FossilBed by Foxx
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*mrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrs* this one I like. it was done, actually, specifically for the tail, in every 'raptor pic I had ever done the tails have been curving as opposed to stiff and erect like we currently believe they were. water added as an afterthought.
Ambush by Maska
16405 views, 45 favorites, 11 comments
Sarah (kentrosaurus) and Kettakett (stygimoloch) were both victims of Urshuk's reign of terror. Now they want to get even, but the lord of the ashen waste is not easy prey
bambiraptor by Corvidima
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Nothing special - just getting ready to head out into the field, and figured a dinosaur seemed appropriate :)
One End is Another Beginning by DstRoy
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"The little bells above the door rang as the front door opened and someone stepped in. She wasn't expecting it, but she stood up behind the counter and greeted smiling, 'Welcome to Fireline's Mystery & Magic, how may I help?'." She really needed someone to clean those candles out. A raptor isn't the best choice for a servant though, but it's something, at least. The charcters were fun to draw as I tried different poses, but when I got to the background.. Well it took most of the time to draw. ...
velociraptor trasformation by KageJaganshi
16166 views, 126 favorites, 11 comments
From my long running series "Monkey Ghost". When the chossen few use the powers of the Allimist stones they can transform their bodies to fight the nefarious monkey ghost. This is my character part way through the transformation into a velociraptor.
Raptor Vacation by Altered
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From 2017, a Dinosaur TF comic commission for Mtt3
Raptor-tf by TfProxy
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This started out as a quick experiement in coloring, and kinda got carried away...
Kettakett by Maska
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Kettakett profile pic. Stygimoloch. Version of this w/ cheesy photo jungle background on DA.