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Feathered-Raptor by TfProxy
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Feathers? Not what he expected, but It'll do.
Jurassic Fever by Jakkal
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Livestream Commission for @Onom of a scientist that wants to better understand all the dinosaur hype. Like Transformations? Consider donating to my Transformation Comic Anthology! https://www.patreon.com/DeltaProject?ty=h
VLC: Mask of the Tyrant Lizard by Lucern7
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Papertoonz is the next Veruzekin Diplomat in my Veruzekin Living Costumes series. He chose to become a mighty T-rex by mask. Not as massive a scale as Vectordragon, but still quite a perspective shift. PT is pretty pleased with the results though. Now what could a T-rex do in these modern times... Offer free rides perhaps? Want to become a Diplomat too? Send me a message!
kw-uraptorguy-cl by BlackRat
15735 views, 145 favorites, 8 comments
Pic 13, a "utahraptor" a critter id never heard of till a couple of nights ago. dinos are rarely done so heres one for the masses. Equipped with a blackrat brand magic ring heh heh
Raptor-yikes by Cursed_soul
15218 views, 80 favorites, 11 comments
I've been reading The Lost World: Jurassic Park and was inspired to draw a dino-trans. Those poor converse...
trex tf by Corvidima
15135 views, 63 favorites, 7 comments
Gift-art for Metamorpher.
RaptorTF by Antherios
15105 views, 40 favorites, 11 comments
For some dumb reason I find this picture hysterical. I think it's the look on that poor dude's face.
Crouch by Foxx
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ltfpcluvonus by PickleJuice
14062 views, 29 favorites, 0 comments
Paradigm Cluvonus Transforms! LTF universe. Saurian/eel cross with electric ability.
YCH: Week 7 - A Toast to Raptors by Jakkal
13945 views, 101 favorites, 3 comments
Special YCH commission sequence for CanineHybrid of their were-raptor character who has a strange affliction with toast.