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Rancid Transformation by Rex_equinox
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Some personal work i did in a stream waaaay back! Myself into my OC Rancid Raptor.
steggielovinsm by Arania
26576 views, 70 favorites, 8 comments
Another commission I've been sitting on for a bit, and realized I hadn't uploaded yet. While the transformation is only implied, that was the theme of the art. A voluntary transformation of a woman into a volumptuous anthro stegosaurus for her loving partner.
Rex'n Out by Sutibaru
7663 views, 68 favorites, 5 comments
Dune: RP character in my Jurassic RP by Jgood8
8571 views, 68 favorites, 6 comments
Little do people know that the origional plot for Jurassic World was going to be dinosaur Hybrids, something that might still actually happen as the kid towards the end when he was looking at the computer screens said "Thats no dinosaur" leaving me to wonder what exactly did he mean? So I came up with an RP based on that first origional plot for Jurassic World. The transformation is... a bit unconventional but it saves a LOT of time and money trying to train Feral raptors, or birthing hybrids...
Raptor Vacation by Altered
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From 2017, a Dinosaur TF comic commission for Mtt3
SarBat by Maska
27369 views, 67 favorites, 10 comments
Sarah, kicking the snot out of a deinonychus as Baorgis' champion. Even brainwashed she's an extremely skilled combatant, with both guns and in combat. Being a were-kentrosaurus just gives her the strength and durability to take on the magically enhanced raptors.
dino-mirror by TfProxy
11397 views, 67 favorites, 5 comments
I'm - too sexy for my species.
FossilBed by Foxx
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*mrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrs* this one I like. it was done, actually, specifically for the tail, in every 'raptor pic I had ever done the tails have been curving as opposed to stiff and erect like we currently believe they were. water added as an afterthought.
Livestream Commission: Zerosaurus by Lucern7
12409 views, 65 favorites, 3 comments
An anonymous commission where a guy casts a dragon transformation spell but mistook a key ingredient, a dragon tooth, and substituting a dinosaur tooth doesn't quite work as well.
Crouch by Foxx
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