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Registry Error by Wrathofautumn
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When game programming gets so ridiculous, that the programming starts affecting you! O: Now the long list of tf requests comes to a close. Moving on to other projects now.
dino by Kuma
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And he's done. final pic!
h-g by SentR
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metamorpher has that effe by Cayuga
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Toon dino tf by Daniel-kay
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Random transformation can hit anyone, and it´s not always a "real" animal, you can also be transformed into a cartoon version like this guy here who becomes a toon-t-rex... This is a downsized version, if you want a bigger version click this link http://freenet-homepage.de/daniel-kay/toondinotfbig1.jpg ... NOTE: I didn´t try to model him after a speciffict toon-dinosaur, i just tried to achive a cartoonish look so similarities with "real" cartoon dinosaurs are mostly coincidental
must have lost the group by Angrboda
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Sequence commission for lostcat. Try not to get lost in the museum next time I suppose :D
rejected by Angrboda
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Don't know why I didn't upload these before. Sketches for a short sequence I axed from the book I'm putting together because I just wasn't feeling them. [girl > anthro allosaurus]
SarahTurn by Maska
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When Baorgis first began abducting modern Earth humans and transforming them, he learned of advanced weaponry. Sarah was his first slave to bring weapons with her, namely a pistol and assault rifle thanks to Baorgis yanking her out of a perimeter patrol. Combined with her training and her kentrosaurus attributes, she is a force to be reckoned with.
raptorfied by Terrifel
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Lt. Parker's last human thought was that his favorite pair of underpants were now completely ruined.
Lizardman goo transformation by Kaju
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