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Now a dog! by Vylpes
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My first post here! This person put on a collar and has noticed it’s effects...
Halfway There by Gryphius
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Alternate title: "A portrait of the artist several weeks after finding themselves stuck half transformed into an aquatic Pokemon."
Changing Times Antiques: Hound dog by Mxmaramoose
1397 views, 18 favorites, 0 comments
" He asked for something to get him more in the head space for Pup Play...well he got it alright!"
Graduated by Taitora
1875 views, 25 favorites, 2 comments
What is the point of graduating when you are gonna be TFed anyway
A better guard by KrazyIvan
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Patron request Nude as usual can be found here: 2nd Image: Its my 2 year TF anniversary, so have the nude for free :D Thank you everyone for making this an amazing year! thanx to yas Ivan
A walk in the woods by KrazyIvan
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Coloured version of a sketch i did for a patron last month She's shirtless in another one...
A New Set of Dogs by TransformationAnonymous
3423 views, 34 favorites, 0 comments
This was a long overdue project for someone on FA that I finally got around to doing. Hadn't been active for a while, but have been working on getting back into the groove with things!
Nightmare by Taitora
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Few years passed and the nightmare still haunts me
Surgical Mask by Taitora
2972 views, 27 favorites, 1 comment
I'm not sick. I'm just... turning...
Changing Times Antiques: Three Heads by Mxmaramoose
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" This Customer of the Changing Times Antique Store decided that three heads are better than one! Cerberus transformations are always a bit painful though, but hopefully after she is done she can comfort herself"