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Lily the Puppy Werewuff by Witchfiend
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Since she arrived in America to study economics, Lily has been doing her best to hide her werewolf side. Unlike traditional lycanthropy, her form changes whenever someone or something peaks her interest, transforming her from reserved and polite young lady into a bubbly, bouncy toy dog. Her over-excitement, coupled with her werewolf strength means things often get damaged, and it's not just limited to her designer clothes either. She can only hope that her parents back in Taiwan don't find out. ...
Lycanroc Comm by Sa_no
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House Broken House Wife by KrazyIvan
9804 views, 86 favorites, 4 comments
One puppy as requested.
Husky Adoption by Taitora
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Have a trade with Terri_the_dragon on Furaffinity and now he's no longer human.
Malfunction by Sa_no
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Commission for Potion
Belt of the Beast by Sa_no
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You're not hero anymore doggy
Go arcanine! by Sa_no
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Run run!
Trap by Sa_no
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Beware what you stand on..
"Dude.. what's going on with your face?" by vaccine
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"What do you mean? What's wrong with my face? (whiiiine?)" This is pretty old and looks kind of strange but I noticed I'd gotten approved to post art here and figured I might as well post something. And I can't be bothered right now to go back in and fix anything specific. All I remember is that I wanted to draw a dog tf and try a different type of breed to what I've drawn before. I know the hands / paws are really weird and a couple other things aren't ideal but as I said before, I don't rea...
Akita dog TF by Taitora
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This one for Andy on Furaffinity. Who just turned into his adorable Akita fursona. He won the raffle since August but I just had time to drew for him.