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One of many stupid little boys1 by KelvinTheLion
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The final image in this sequence is one I did a couple of weeks ago. I decided to turn it into a sequence to show his transformation in more detail. It's not often to show one without clothes ripping, but I ended up having to draw him without socks.
Happy Bray Day by Soty
16272 views, 187 favorites, 2 comments
For C.Q. Morrel
Self Reflection by Splice
18622 views, 152 favorites, 10 comments
Best viewed in first person. [Port from FA]
I think you've had enough! by Swatcher
14555 views, 71 favorites, 11 comments
You always do this! You always get drunk and make an ass of yourself. What are we to do?
Kaya Misfire by wrenzephyr2
13966 views, 117 favorites, 4 comments
My character Kaya having a bit of an accident with her recent potion, the gas slowly turning everyone who breaths it into a braying mindless ass.
COMMISSION: Don't Be An Ass by taklayyankovic
14235 views, 99 favorites, 14 comments
I don't usually draw donkey (or really full animal) TFs, but this was a commission. I had to watch the transformation scene from Disney's Pinocchio a few times to get the feel for this... I don't know why I've never actually seen Pinocchio before. But the TF scene is like, super creepy to me. D:
Blackwolf-Mixup by PickleJuice
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It was fun for a little while, using the stolen Chemical X to transform into an animal. But that was only using a drop at a time, and he knew that a higher dose would render a permanent change. Then his roommates pulled a prank and filled the tub with it before he got in. Ohhh boy... BTW, I'm available for commissions. Help an out of work dope like me struggle by! I'd like to gather enough cash to buy an old clunker car before winter sets in Minnesota here. Thanks! Just click on my profile...
Donkey Sleeper by GrandStorm
11761 views, 60 favorites, 5 comments
Themed sleepers tend to have that effect around here. He should have known better.
JTdonkey by KelvinTheLion
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James and Tyler go to Pleasure Island. 4 page comic.
woman to donkey by FearGhoul
15162 views, 117 favorites, 10 comments
Not really the way you want a night on the town to end...