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Draco Injection - Dragon TF by Dondedun
3889 views, 51 favorites, 3 comments
Sometimes things do exactly what you think they would do.
goo dragon TF by Sa_no
2863 views, 34 favorites, 5 comments
Drowsy Dragon by Hukeng
1737 views, 23 favorites, 2 comments
Still half asleep.
Kulve Taroth TF by Cenrji
2593 views, 10 favorites, 1 comment
Great, thanks to a very certain someone. I'm kind of feeling the MH mania now, sure hope MH: World releases to PC ASAP. Ah well, enjoy beautiful golden goddess who has a wacky fight. But I guess I have a thing for Capcom anyways, given how much I enjoy the Mega Man and Street Fighter games. I suppose I'll play with Generations (and Stories) for the time being, until the PC port of World is released. Hopefully smoother framerate and modding capabilities? Fuck yeah. The TFee here was traveling...
Zinogre TF by Cenrji
4296 views, 22 favorites, 2 comments
"Come on man, it's not all that bad being a monster now...!" Commissioned by sun4000 from deviantART. Was expected to do this TF like nearly two months ago, but now it's done. Ah well, at least it turned out to be really, really good. This was why I did the style test earlier, as this won't be the last time you'd see MH related stuff from me. Anyways, our TFee finds a vending machine that vends sodas, or at least what I think it is? Popping it out, sprays that infamous TF goo out of the ca...
You're what you eat - Noodles by Danwolf
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I'ts been a while I've done a picture for these series. Anyway I love to eat Cup noodles for dinner cause I'm a fat fuck and got the idea what happens if you eat too much OwO" NOODLE DERGS !!! I've let Epigon join in,cause he's very close to a noodle dragon anyways,now he can enjoy his feral form >:3 I love to draw these rascals cause they're curvy and can go all over the place !
Dragoniade Raffle by TransformationAnonymous
3260 views, 21 favorites, 2 comments
This one is for Dragoniade on FA. He won a raffle I hosted over there and decided he wanted to be a dragon taur. Unfortunately, this is too many limbs, so I won't be doing any more taurs from raffles from here on out.
Commission : The time has come... by Urbanvixen
4175 views, 33 favorites, 3 comments
A little at-Con commission for Alterflane :)
Lugia plushie by Sa_no
2464 views, 32 favorites, 0 comments
Embrace the Sea by Spacecat
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A comic commission for an Anon client! They wrote the script for this comic, where prisoners on a ship are transformed into various types of sea serpents. Anon left this comic at a cliffhanger, because one day they might come back and continue this comic. For now they just wanted to focus on the transformation part of it. Pretty serpents <3