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Derg Boy by Hukeng
1070 views, 22 favorites, 2 comments
Trying his best to look cool and intimidating.
Sometimes You Gotta Dragon by Dondedun
877 views, 19 favorites, 1 comment
You know that feeling where you just gotta be a dragon, then you be a dragon?
3418 views, 35 favorites, 5 comments
Pros of turning into a dragon: being able to speak draconic tongues! Cons: you still speak with a distinctly human accent so all the other dragons will make fun of you
At your service by Danwolf
3361 views, 22 favorites, 0 comments
Comission Zeydaan Just plop the hat on him and BOOM ! Insta maid ready to clean your house !
[CM] - wannabe dragon slayer to dragon by Inkblot
5 images, 4903 views, 32 favorites, 2 comments
Commission for wiggles234 on Furaffinity
doragon TF by Kaju
2072 views, 41 favorites, 1 comment
dragon TF
The Dragon Circle by Dondedun
2129 views, 36 favorites, 1 comment
She seems like she's having fun!
Being Tailed by Dondedun
2554 views, 39 favorites, 7 comments
"Aw man, now I have a dragon butt!"
Some art for @ DrawsPig on Twitter because he's doing a worldbuilding thing involving people shapeshifting into dragons and that's TOTALLY my jam. If you like scenarios and logistics of people turning into dragons, you should definitely check out his work,
2 images, 3232 views, 23 favorites, 4 comments
Wanted to do a comic-book style drawing with hard shadows and hatching. Update 2019-05-23: Added a follow-up pic, further along in the transformation!