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Draconomicon by CoraBlue
37268 views, 348 favorites, 16 comments
Who looks for a bookslip in the middle of the book, right next to the dragon transformations section? Somebody who deserves what they get, that's who!
HalloweenStory by CaliforniaKitFox
2 images, 36801 views, 65 favorites, 4 comments
Mister Foxy in: A Halloween Story
AnchinKiyohime by Edmol
35690 views, 205 favorites, 14 comments
"Anchin and Kiyohime" Folk tale of Japan.
DragonChangeling by Edmol
34516 views, 250 favorites, 10 comments
Animation: Transformation Marathon by Chrysalis
34455 views, 182 favorites, 20 comments
WARNING: LARGE ANIMATION FILE. An animation I made back in 2010. Some of you have probably seen it before. I rendered it again recently, now that I have a more powerful computer and a more recent version of Photoshop, which means that I can make it more than 300 pixels wide. Unfortunately, I still can't get rid of the pixellated dithering effect. It seems to be a GIF thing. This took just over a month in Photoshop. I started with thirteen pencil sketches of different creatures, scanned t...
BeastDragonTf by Killpanda
33990 views, 291 favorites, 12 comments
Bianca to Vires by Fringedog
3 images, 33646 views, 255 favorites, 2 comments
A sequence I was commissioned a long while ago. A woman changes into her other persona while investigating about dragons...
nm-draccoontgtfpt by Tincrash
2 images, 33007 views, 155 favorites, 22 comments
tanis by GeckzGo
32701 views, 273 favorites, 18 comments
Evion's character, Tanis. She's so loveable =) I tried making it like the original's background and such.
June by Jakkal
32182 views, 200 favorites, 21 comments
The end result of my comic's Wallpaper War, in which poor Tristan is changed into some kind of animal (chosen at random). In this case it was a dragon. Not one of my best, it was entirely too rushed. But it looks nice anyway.