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silence by PickleJuice
5 images, 31157 views, 132 favorites, 11 comments
Whenever he hears explosions and danger, Silence leaps to the defense! Old commission by Dreugan. Love ya, man.
samagthrachange by PickleJuice
3 images, 30820 views, 169 favorites, 14 comments
Samagthra changes from a human to a spectacular dragon.
Dragon Tale by GrandStorm
6 images, 30263 views, 113 favorites, 8 comments
The Story of a knight of the Sun Dragon God who battles the Water Dragon God and is punished.
Guardian of Dimension "dragon tf" (text fix) by Tomek1000
4 images, 30215 views, 122 favorites, 40 comments
Hi all here is first page of my new comic and also its my dream that i had last time so well here will be show how all did begin continue of comic will show on my DA and FA accounts only Commisions open leave me PM if you interested
Artist Hunts by Tomek1000
3 images, 29635 views, 80 favorites, 29 comments
Hi all its time to start hunts on artists i plan to tf all artis who did tf me or plan to tf soon all of them will get into my trap and turn into what i will want them to become muhahaha first victims are vulpinekeyblader virmir wachout coz you dont know who will be next! (ps this comic is some way of my realaxing i draw it without sketh so its a bit test every page XD) (PS i add in this comic only artist or people who did art where transformated me into something coz this comic is s...
Walk on the beach by GeckzGo
29394 views, 248 favorites, 15 comments
On a hot, summer day....
TanisTongue by Evion
28965 views, 246 favorites, 10 comments
The Dragoncurse, over the course of turning a person into a dragon, isn't all just scales and claws. Oh no, there's the other bizarre and random changes, seemingly lacking any sense in their appearance. Tanis discovered that dragons have quite long tongues, but she doesn't have a muzzle yet!
ANewWorld by Fringedog
3 images, 28853 views, 197 favorites, 19 comments
Commissioned by Kyreeth. The third and final page was long due since a while, delays having prevented me from working as much as I liked to per art session. Still, I'm glad with how his final dragon form turned out :)
dragonmorph by ShadowsMyst
28769 views, 82 favorites, 3 comments
Synthetics by Banana_of_Doom
5 images, 27591 views, 132 favorites, 11 comments
Oh, that pesky science and chemicals, always turning us into something.