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Lucern Commission by Narubi
10 images, 27217 views, 177 favorites, 10 comments
10 pg BW sequence for Lucern on DA! Now complete :)
kung fu by Currerbell
3 images, 26767 views, 39 favorites, 13 comments
A preliminary sketch for a sequence idea I had--an aging and desperate character actor agrees to undergo a controversial new procedure in order to secure a part as the lead villain in a kung-fu movie. Little does he know that the role isn't that of a human...:-) Here, he is a bit put out with his agent, for pretty straight-forward reasons.
Seeing double by Danwolf
3 images, 26568 views, 52 favorites, 10 comments
A fun little comic short I've wanted to do a long time ago,but couldn't find time for it...I'ts finally DONE OwO Enjoy ! The silly woof getting in trouble once again...and you guys tought one from Dan is enough x3 UPDATE : The second page is up ^^ Enjoy ! One more page to go (yes,don't ask Epigon's horns are missing on the second page,I've decided not to keep them,he looks better without it)
darksuntf by PickleJuice
26479 views, 86 favorites, 1 comment
inspired from the dark sun campaign where the evil warlords can slowly change into dragons
dragongirl tf clr sm by Mirandaleigh
25967 views, 350 favorites, 21 comments
Poof done. Super obnoxious hot pink lol. Copics and prismacolor pencils. Up for auction on my furbuy. Horrible scan because of the colored pencils reflecting the light of the scanner.
A Dragoniade's Greed by Artist-Guy
3 images, 25953 views, 109 favorites, 5 comments
Will Dragoniade escape from this dastardly debacle? How stuck can he still be? Who will stop Penguin now?! Toon in next week! Same dragon time! Same dragon channel! A request I did for Dragoniade a while back. Find his dA here: http://dragoniade.deviantart.com/ and his website here: http://www.shadowlordinc.com
A Dragonslayer's Curse by Narubi
5 images, 25452 views, 312 favorites, 15 comments
An ancient curse has finally caught up with this family for their past actions... Commission done for a user on DA :0
Draggy drinks by Daniel-kay
25288 views, 205 favorites, 16 comments
Nothing better to start your day than a refreshing draggy drink and turn into a chubby toon dragon
notaman by KelvinTheLion
25213 views, 53 favorites, 4 comments
Not a Man
Xguest by Kaju
4 images, 25188 views, 158 favorites, 17 comments