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A Dragoniades Greed: Spiffy Edition 3/3 by Artist-Guy
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Ho-kay so, here's this adventurer, he's chillin'. "Damn that is a sweet adventurer" you might say "Round". Alright, Ruling out freezing, a bunch of rocks crashing on him in, sudden affixation, or melting by a giant lazer, he's definitely going to turn into a dragon. A gift image I did for Dragoniade over here at www.dragoniade.deviantart.com that took 2 years with hiatus (hiati?) to make.
dragontfsigil by Kuma
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Felt like finally doing a proper Dragon Tf
AnimalScience by CaliforniaKitFox
21701 views, 32 favorites, 6 comments
Animal Science!
Knarksandhyenacolor by Silverhyena
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I FINALY got this done...Urg, it took for freaken ever. This was also a test for my new Prismacolor blending marker, which was pretty fun to use. I just felt like something strange, something I don't do a whole lot, and you know, I enjoyed it! I'm not sure if the green glow on everything turned out exactly the way I would have liked it to...but I guess it's okay. I love Nasher's (the rat) eagerness to watch the poor inmate-turned-hyena suffer. The hyena's expression is so cute, that worried/scar...
Dragon costume by Kanada
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Dragon's Duty by Rex_equinox
10 images, 20835 views, 127 favorites, 22 comments
Commissioned comic for a friend who is currently doing his duty over in afghanistan. A bullet/shrapnel wound causes the dragon within to awaken.
random tf by Wrathofautumn
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Oh, whoops! I forgot to resize it! ^_^;; Okay, so here's a much smaller version, of that random tf of mine. A kid wanted me to draw a tf of him becoming a blue dragon caused by emotional stress due to a curse by some demon. Well, this is what you get for being absolutely vague with me! :P It'll leave you going "WTF?!?"
character by XXy
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for zee dragon transform templateee
Dragon tf by Heezy
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Here is one of my first dragon transformations. My guess is that out of curiosity, the guy slipped the chain collar around his head, not expecting the unusual outcome. This one was a little more difficult than others. More because I had trouble with the front wing not covering too much of the body and at the same time, not looking awkward. Overall, I think it turned out really nice.
Pleasure Island Soda Redux by Amethyst
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Done in 2009. Pleasure Island isn't all about donkeys. Take your pick from the soda machine...