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Monkey Business by Weazel75
12307 views, 30 favorites, 7 comments
Been busy with college and mostly drawing Pokemon.
The Dook Talisman by Spacecat
4 images, 33526 views, 181 favorites, 9 comments
A commission for Fax@DA! A woman receives a mysterious package in the mail, which has an odd green stone carving of a ferret. Unknownst to her, it already started changing her... Dook Dook Dook! Taurs make it even better!
Ferret hoodies by Splice
7029 views, 38 favorites, 2 comments
Forgot to post this... Ferrets and hoodies are a match made in heaven.
Aviators by Weazel75
9441 views, 25 favorites, 5 comments
Practicing my birds (and my bat.) TransFur apparently lacks tags for Ospreys and Polecats. =/
Ferret Undies by Weazel75
6021 views, 27 favorites, 10 comments
> Is told he has no skill. > Responds by devoting way more time to what was supposed to be a silly image than he originally intended.
Violet by Weazel75
4629 views, 26 favorites, 0 comments
Rex: Quick. Rex: Name a color. Shiny: purple Rex: Purple it is. Shiny: :D
ferret by NNBTK
2 images, 10837 views, 81 favorites, 1 comment
'nother redo
Hadooken by Virmir
5806 views, 32 favorites, 2 comments
Down, Down-Left, Left, Ferret Commission for ChaseReynard. ;)
Draconic Overide by Weazel75
6559 views, 41 favorites, 3 comments
Dragon because dragon because dragon. Proportions are intentionally wrong- he's still growing.
Carrot Flavored by Weazel75
10796 views, 32 favorites, 4 comments
While not ENTIRELY what I was going for as a sequence, I think this gets the point across and is acceptable enough to stop me from agonizing over a rabbit sequence for the near future.