First Person

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Tendon rearrangement by Sevenpaperplates
3223 views, 23 favorites, 5 comments
Particularly painful
Sow with the Flow by Cayuga
1336 views, 25 favorites, 4 comments
Sow with the Flow “Now you’re getting into it!” At the TF nightclub. Wear loose clothes. I love drawing POV TFs! #TFTuesday
A Good Doggy by Childolir
4873 views, 34 favorites, 1 comment
Officially introducing Sybil who appeared as an arm in a previous drawing. She's one creepy lady and is here to put a spell on everyone and their mom.
Riolu TF (ANIM) - Listen To Your Mom by Drigil
5744 views, 54 favorites, 17 comments
Quick little TF-based story featuring the Odytt prankster trio. This is a remake of my first ever hand-drawn TF sequence, except I made it into 1500+ frames of animated glorious.
Pooltoy Shark POV TF by Kaikotheshark
4757 views, 29 favorites, 4 comments
A POV Shark Pooltoy Transformation for a fren!~ ;3
First Person Sprigatito TF by mlexi
4336 views, 33 favorites, 6 comments
"Wow this new pokemon is so cu... OH MY GOD... MY FACE!?!"
Hisui Zoroark TF by mlexi
5264 views, 38 favorites, 2 comments
When they tell the trainee to stay away from the subjects, they really do have good reason to.
Keira TF by mlexi
5092 views, 31 favorites, 1 comment
Last thing I remember I was late for Professor Hawkthorns class and... what was I saying??? Hi I'm Keira!
Whoops! Frog Legs by Pannotia
6554 views, 34 favorites, 2 comments
from 2016 It's about time that I upload my artwork to Transfur. Brace for backlog (don't worry - it's not too much)!
Frog Hand TF by OneCrazyDragon
5994 views, 5 favorites, 3 comments
My first TransFur submission. Enjoy! (P.S This is part of an animation I’m currently working on, I’ll post the full animation on my DeviantArt once it’s fully completed!)