First Person

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Self Reflection by Splice
21089 views, 156 favorites, 10 comments
Best viewed in first person. [Port from FA]
Immersive Biology Day Mouse TF By Cayuga by Cayuga
17837 views, 136 favorites, 20 comments
Day 1 A "Welcome Class!" message and a weird picture drawn on the chalkboard. "Where's the teacher?" "Why is your face fuzzy!?"
Hand And Face Soap Horse TF By Cayuga by Cayuga
14655 views, 125 favorites, 21 comments
"The owner of this establishment must love horses! Hands and face soap..." First person TF! Another one! I had to google "bottom of horse hoof" because I had no idea. And ignore that "mares" isn't mirrored!
First Person TF by Edthebordercollie
16984 views, 115 favorites, 4 comments
haven't done one of these in a while.
Cheetaur Night by ArcticFFFox
14799 views, 98 favorites, 5 comments
B/W inks commission for Skips92. Just another Friday night for Skips. You're off guard for one moment and then BAM. Taur. :P
Minotaur Puddle - First Person TF TG by Cayuga
12996 views, 97 favorites, 5 comments
I love doing first person TFs! Here is a TF of a woman who stepped in the wrong puddle. The parking lot at Labyrinth Beach has a lot of surprises. She/he is going to have to find her/his boyfriend before things get any more confusing! Not a bad way to spend a day at the beach, tho. BTW she can see her/his ears bc bulls have great peripheral vision, yo.
Gill's POV Hand to Paw TF by Gillpanda
16236 views, 93 favorites, 8 comments
I thought it would have been an awesome idea to do a POV of what i see every day when i come home IRL after an outing among the humans.
Being Canine by ArcticFFFox
11843 views, 84 favorites, 4 comments
Commission for WuschelWolf. Older piece. Seems being especially anxious about an upcoming full moon had its reasons for Wuschel! Everything feels way too real to him; is this all a very vivid dream, or all actually happening?
First-Person Orca TF by Ciervo
14280 views, 83 favorites, 8 comments
A quick sketch based on a suggestion by @thistle :)
Ring Rules by WhenWolvesCryOut
3 images, 9380 views, 68 favorites, 5 comments
Hoop/Ring tfs seem to be popular on twitter right now, which is perfectly find by me because it's a tf type I love. I saw someone talking about their approach on hoop tfs though, and decided to sketch these up to explain my own approach to them. Figured there's enough tf shown in them to share here?