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Sushi-Stealing Otter by TigrisG
7801 views, 47 favorites, 6 comments
This fella decided to steal sushi from a sushi bar and run away! He is munching on sushi rolls as he makes his hasty getaway, and of course, as a punishment, this transforms him into a Northern Sea Otter. He is careless when it comes to supporting the plate properly because the sushi is bouncing all over the place, leaving a trail behind him. Eventually he will trip on his large pants as his body shrinks to otter-size. Commission for Forepawz
Feral Squirrel To Anthro TF by TigrisG
7460 views, 26 favorites, 0 comments
A commission of a tiny feral squirrel becoming a much larger anthro squirrel.
Random Female Rabbit Transformation by W0lfB0y
6340 views, 38 favorites, 1 comment
Damn carrots.. lol
CAKE by ValentinaPaz
3 images, 8248 views, 20 favorites, 5 comments
you should be careful when a wild cake appears in front of you, you hungry little wolf! baaad things may happen also donkey ears commission for Blackwolf :P
Granderpillar by GrandStorm
7334 views, 24 favorites, 4 comments
My human self gets invited in by a big froggy, as I am lost in a jungle storm. He makes me something warm to drink and before long I'm swelling plump and tastey and shrinking. Soon nothing will save me from a big froggy maw. *No caterpillar in the species tree. Haha, I guess I win then right?
Instant Tea by TigrisG
15148 views, 37 favorites, 1 comment
It's kinda scribbly and old (2007), but this drawing has always been a favorite of mine. It stars Teagan Green, a tea-loving human that turns into a Red River Hog by drinking a special Halloween Edition of Liptongue's Tea. He/she shifts gradually with the more tea they drink, so they could sip tea all day and become a full feral hog, drink more tea, and begin to gradually shift to human again by the end of the night. He/she says they've forgotten whether they started as a human or a hog. lol
1920s Gentleman to Giraffe by TigrisG
5848 views, 44 favorites, 2 comments
He really wants that lollypop! This fella has decided to kick off his shoes at home and enjoy a lollypop, only to find that his arm is growing longer and his tongue is having trouble reaching it. That wasn't a hindrance for long.
1940s Lady to Anteater by TigrisG
7248 views, 42 favorites, 2 comments
A commission requested by Forepawz, of a lady transforming into an anteater while having a picnic. After this, she'll probably put the cookies aside and snack on the ants instead.
Sneaking A Midnight Snack by Toonexterminator
28477 views, 381 favorites, 19 comments
(reuploaded) “If you want to sneak yourself some food that’s not meant for you, then be prepared to face the consequences.” A college girl decides sneak a plate of her roommate’s homemade Macaroni & Cheese, which causes her to transform into a mouse girl. Fitting since she like to sneak around and such. :P ---------------------------- I designed “Mouse Girls” to be human like in anatomy, but had some toon-like mouse traits such as three finger hand (not including thumb), and three stub...
To A Tiger by Amethyst
11720 views, 104 favorites, 4 comments
A beauty becomes more exotic.