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nm-womantoelephantTF by Tincrash
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Should watch those funny tasting peanuts
Cursed Cupcake by Vyper
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Oh no! Beware of the cursed cupcakes! D: Incredibly hungry guy discovers an abandoned box of Dragon Deluxe Cupcakes while taking a walk. Tempted to take a bite, he does so and discovers the horrific side effects of having his clothes mysteriously vanish, leaving him completely nude on the street. Thinking that was the worst of it, he suddenly finds his entire body changing - and lo and behold! He's now a dragon. Okay, so that wasn't too bad...Until his belly began to rumble and swell, and his...
OSC: That's A Stretch by Jakkal
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Commission for @PheagleAdler of himself reaching for an acacia leaf and turning into a giraffe to eat it. I can think of better things to eat, but whatever floats his boat.
beaver by Liger
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Beaver Tails, mmm Good
spiked by Skychaser
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Looks like someone spiked the punch and everyone is gone to the rabbits that is in transforming wise
The cover to Xfrmations Unlimited #5 by KelvinTheLion
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This is going to be on the cover of Xfrmations Unlimited #5. I'll have a story inside as well and yes, this cover is based on that story. I don't know when the issue will be available though but it will be awhile. Yes, I know male roos don't really have pouches. I'll draw it that way anyway.
cheese chick by Cobalt_K
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Another oldie. Simple mouse/shrink exercise to work with wrinkled clothing. (I got a lot better at it.)
Stick Insect Guy by Fenchurch
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So, I guess I should have done this /way/ earlier and submitted it for the "unfortunate were creature" challenge, but I forgot I had it lying about and only just finished it the other day! I fancied doing something unusual so here's a poor guy (it's meant to be an exercise vest he's wearing) who perhaps took too many diet pills. Don't worry, he'll eat a cursed chocolate bar soon enough and turn into something a bit healthier lookin'. ;-)
Species meme by Kuzim
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Found this meme on rockibillysteeds's Deviantart page and decided to do my own version. Couldn't think of a good inanimate object- so excuse the strawberry. Transfur needs a baboon tag and a polar bear tag
StrangeBrew by Silverhyena
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There must have been something wrong with that coffee. You take a sip and...ZAP, you're a hyena. If there is a leason to be learned here, it is this..."If the coffee smells funny...don't drink it...or if you want to become a hyena...bottoms up."