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HappyHalloweeen! by PedestrianWolf
43880 views, 260 favorites, 23 comments
For a contest on FA. The Halloween candy is tainted with something strange...
Skunk TGTFwebsize by Fox0808
27326 views, 183 favorites, 9 comments
Here is the commission done for BlueKing on DA of himself being transformed into a female skunk, all because of a bean burrito. :) Never done a skunk tf before, this one was a lot of fun!
Snack Time by NNBTK
20589 views, 111 favorites, 12 comments
She eats a carrot and turns into a bunny. She actually doesn't know yet, though, the carrot tastes weird which is why she said "Odd..."
taste-testing by Swatcher
22193 views, 36 favorites, 5 comments
kitsune me clr complete by Sevencarpileup
10612 views, 52 favorites, 1 comment
Heres an image I did of myself transforming into a kitsune. See more of my art and contact me for requests/commisions at
Polly wanna Lollipop by Wrathofautumn
17383 views, 83 favorites, 3 comments
Hehe, these two got booted after only the first round, but at least they got their whistle, cursed whistle pops! O:
Rocket Cheese by Wrathofautumn
3 images, 23959 views, 46 favorites, 9 comments
Commission for Cassandro
morningcofee by Finnaeas
17866 views, 181 favorites, 16 comments
something in her morning coffee perhaps?
gummy by Mirandaleigh
11772 views, 52 favorites, 4 comments
I made some Gummy Bear girls.. =3 In the original design she's stuck to the floor in a movie theater, and there's a peice of popcorn that's bigger than her in the background. =3 Gummy sized.
Sandwitchcraft by LaraTheLabRat
16068 views, 18 favorites, 4 comments
Guess who's coming to dinner? Oh ho ho. Yeeah, more comission work for a certain inanimate loving Tanuki.