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Witches loving delight by GrandStorm
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This is also a another pic based on the mana orb concept. I was seriously wondering if I would ever finish this pic. It took hours and hours of color work so you had better enjoy it. Briana loves bewitching people and loves even more trying to get them to love each other at the same time. how sadisticly romantic. enjoy the honey moon XD
merrychristmas! by Kuma
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So yeah...My conscience wouldn't let me sleep until a drew an overly cliche' christmas themed TF. Bit of a rush job, but better than nothin. And yes, he's male, not playing the whole 'males lose their antlers in winter' game. Hope everyone has a happy holiday!
Check the Lable first by Chiron28
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Next year, check the experation date on the can before you drink it. Artist challenge 5# (Yes i know its late)
breakfast small by Angrboda
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Usually my cowgirls end up in epic failure, but this one is decent, finally. Anyway, she's brought to you by the most important meal of the day :P
gummycolatiger by PickleJuice
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I totally had this ready to go for the Transfur Halloween Artist's Challenge. Then I spaced and never uploaded it. Ah, well. Here it is. Enjoy! And the candy that I randomly found to assist:
fruit snacks by Corvidima
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Artist Challenge #5: Fruit Snacks! Quick 'n' Dirty - all I've got time for.
Assorted charms by Dragon-Storm
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My submission for transfurs Artist challenge number 5
HippoGal by Fenchurch
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Artist Challenge #4 - "Does My Bum Look Big In This?" The actual quote I would have put on it otherwise would be a more casually irritated, "Darnit, not again, my slacks are in the wash!" =3
Stick Insect Guy by Fenchurch
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So, I guess I should have done this /way/ earlier and submitted it for the "unfortunate were creature" challenge, but I forgot I had it lying about and only just finished it the other day! I fancied doing something unusual so here's a poor guy (it's meant to be an exercise vest he's wearing) who perhaps took too many diet pills. Don't worry, he'll eat a cursed chocolate bar soon enough and turn into something a bit healthier lookin'. ;-)
strange-candy- by Swatcher
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