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Special spices by Daniel-kay
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+++Slightly older image+++ That was the last time the cook used powdered dragon horn as a spice
Tigersblood by Wrathofautumn
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I got this idea a few years ago on my way to work at my old job. During the summer, they were selling this drink "Tiger's Blood." And that caused the gears in my head to turn. X3 he's going tiger on us, thanks to that slushie.
nm-womantoelephantTF by Tincrash
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Should watch those funny tasting peanuts
TFSpyke by TayMonkey
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This is a TF sequence for Spyke, where he drinks a cola that reveals his true self!
cuscus by Terrifel
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Ground couscous is a popular Arabic pasta dish. The ground cuscus is a small Australian marsupial. Always check your spelling, especially when trying out recipes from the Necronomicon.
Grizzly Noodles by BlackRat
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Bear drawn for a guy I know.. for a guy he knows O_o... Lookit the grizzly.. mwraaarrrgh.
taur tf by Birvan
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Nothing like drawing to relieve the stress. And I've been wanting to draw this sequence for ages Xp
gryffin by Kuma
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heheh, was looking at my old griffin pic the other day, and thought i might take another crack at it with some new stuff i've learned ^_^ Really happy with how it came out
nm-wondernuts by Tincrash
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Wonder Nuts
RaptorTF by Antherios
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For some dumb reason I find this picture hysterical. I think it's the look on that poor dude's face.