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merrychristmas! by Kuma
30280 views, 253 favorites, 15 comments
So yeah...My conscience wouldn't let me sleep until a drew an overly cliche' christmas themed TF. Bit of a rush job, but better than nothin. And yes, he's male, not playing the whole 'males lose their antlers in winter' game. Hope everyone has a happy holiday!
Crocodile by Edmol
37008 views, 252 favorites, 8 comments
In the kitchen.
Cheese e by Edmol
41604 views, 243 favorites, 15 comments
Sorry, my English is poor...(x_x
Draggy drinks by Daniel-kay
25088 views, 204 favorites, 16 comments
Nothing better to start your day than a refreshing draggy drink and turn into a chubby toon dragon
giraffe by PickleJuice
2 images, 61002 views, 204 favorites, 20 comments
Doesn't look like much of a TF, does it? well, take a gander at the writing on the bottle...
HalloweenGoatGothTF by Cobalt_K
2 images, 36867 views, 202 favorites, 11 comments
A girl dressing up as a goth with devil horns takes a bite of candy laced by the old witch down the road and finds herself falling way too deep into her costume's theme.
breakfast small by Angrboda
26826 views, 194 favorites, 17 comments
Usually my cowgirls end up in epic failure, but this one is decent, finally. Anyway, she's brought to you by the most important meal of the day :P
morningcofee by Finnaeas
17070 views, 178 favorites, 16 comments
something in her morning coffee perhaps?
Skunk TGTFwebsize by Fox0808
26329 views, 176 favorites, 9 comments
Here is the commission done for BlueKing on DA of himself being transformed into a female skunk, all because of a bean burrito. :) Never done a skunk tf before, this one was a lot of fun!
KITTYKAT by SolidAsp
49265 views, 167 favorites, 5 comments
This is a cammison I did for a great friend by the name of WereKat. Hope u all like.