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Nuts Over You by Amber-Aria
4 images, 41916 views, 398 favorites, 19 comments
While trying to enjoy a little picnic to himself, a strange acorn gives this poor fella a good bonk from outta nowhere. While trying to figure out who the nutty prankster is, he's unaware to some peculiar changes of the fuzzy variety... This was a sequence I drew on request of my boyfriend. He's a fan of the fluffy-tailed critters~ :3
Cursed bottles-Dragon by Daniel-kay
38693 views, 313 favorites, 13 comments
"Told you to be carefull with that hot sauce, you´d need the tounge of a DRAGON to eat that much."
Crocodile by Edmol
37581 views, 254 favorites, 8 comments
In the kitchen.
HalloweenGoatGothTF by Cobalt_K
2 images, 37378 views, 204 favorites, 11 comments
A girl dressing up as a goth with devil horns takes a bite of candy laced by the old witch down the road and finds herself falling way too deep into her costume's theme.
strange-candy- by Swatcher
3 images, 36712 views, 127 favorites, 11 comments
penguin by Liger
5 images, 35888 views, 58 favorites, 2 comments
I believe Dr. Anderson is now very well suited for the cold artic weather
BearTf by Killpanda
35869 views, 349 favorites, 26 comments
熊への変身です。サイトが出来て最初の作品でした。 (Bear transformation. First upload to this site)
TFSpyke by TayMonkey
5 images, 35242 views, 98 favorites, 8 comments
This is a TF sequence for Spyke, where he drinks a cola that reveals his true self!
Eryshes Birthday Cake by Nickwolf
31337 views, 47 favorites, 5 comments
Delicious irony!
merrychristmas! by Kuma
30735 views, 254 favorites, 15 comments
So yeah...My conscience wouldn't let me sleep until a drew an overly cliche' christmas themed TF. Bit of a rush job, but better than nothin. And yes, he's male, not playing the whole 'males lose their antlers in winter' game. Hope everyone has a happy holiday!