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gummycolatiger by PickleJuice
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I totally had this ready to go for the Transfur Halloween Artist's Challenge. Then I spaced and never uploaded it. Ah, well. Here it is. Enjoy! And the candy that I randomly found to assist:
Spotted Ice Cream by Oter
3 images, 29782 views, 159 favorites, 12 comments
Commission for miceinblack over at FA.
Taste Test 1 by Swatcher
4 images, 29407 views, 86 favorites, 10 comments
Try this free sample of FlavorGel! It's filling!
Public Honey by SolidAsp
28160 views, 166 favorites, 23 comments
See what happens when you sneek and Eat the Cured Honey. Read the signs it's "CURSED !" well he seems to be satisfied so I guess it can't be that bad :P Anyway This was done during an oc sesion between Kuma and I.
Sneaking A Midnight Snack by Toonexterminator
27426 views, 380 favorites, 19 comments
(reuploaded) “If you want to sneak yourself some food that’s not meant for you, then be prepared to face the consequences.” A college girl decides sneak a plate of her roommate’s homemade Macaroni & Cheese, which causes her to transform into a mouse girl. Fitting since she like to sneak around and such. :P ---------------------------- I designed “Mouse Girls” to be human like in anatomy, but had some toon-like mouse traits such as three finger hand (not including thumb), and three stub...
trixorz by Cobalt_K
8 images, 27069 views, 135 favorites, 14 comments
An old sequence circa 2004. It's never been shown to anyone...until now! A girl quickly learns the danger of eating discount-price imitation cereal. Apologies for the captions.
breakfast small by Angrboda
27059 views, 195 favorites, 17 comments
Usually my cowgirls end up in epic failure, but this one is decent, finally. Anyway, she's brought to you by the most important meal of the day :P
Skunk TGTFwebsize by Fox0808
26609 views, 177 favorites, 9 comments
Here is the commission done for BlueKing on DA of himself being transformed into a female skunk, all because of a bean burrito. :) Never done a skunk tf before, this one was a lot of fun!
Wah Happened? by Flinters
26313 views, 321 favorites, 12 comments
Troy experiences a change in his life at a Chinese All You Can Eat buffet. He'll need a whole new ward robe and not because of the food! Felt like doing a post TF picture. Had this pose and pun in my mind and had to do it. It's a cute self contained story all by itself.
Draggy drinks by Daniel-kay
25348 views, 206 favorites, 16 comments
Nothing better to start your day than a refreshing draggy drink and turn into a chubby toon dragon