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Vanilla by Hukeng
4474 views, 15 favorites, 1 comment
"Stop licking yourself, that´s gross!" "But I´m delicious!"
Festive Treats by Niche
7607 views, 65 favorites, 1 comment
My entry for aforementioned holiday art exchange for my friend Rakoonzack, of himself tftging into his german shepherd sona due to some dog tre- er, christmas cookies.
Alice Cheshire Cat TF by Amethyst
11557 views, 67 favorites, 4 comments
YCH: Week 7 - A Toast to Raptors by Jakkal
11976 views, 99 favorites, 3 comments
Special YCH commission sequence for CanineHybrid of their were-raptor character who has a strange affliction with toast.
OSC: That's A Stretch by Jakkal
3 images, 14288 views, 63 favorites, 0 comments
Commission for @PheagleAdler of himself reaching for an acacia leaf and turning into a giraffe to eat it. I can think of better things to eat, but whatever floats his boat.
Xmas Cookies by Jakkal
4 images, 15511 views, 100 favorites, 2 comments
Commission for @PheagleAdler of his eponymous character nicking a few of Santa's cookies.
What flavor is it? by Niche
4915 views, 28 favorites, 2 comments
Birthday gift for Shadowfox.
2 images, 11955 views, 106 favorites, 4 comments
It might start out bitter but it has a wonderful aftertaste!
garden fresh !! by Verrest
2 images, 10362 views, 98 favorites, 8 comments
Berries are magic as far as I'm concerned. tagged a chicken because chocobo wasn't an option? beats me
bear TF by Kaju
10990 views, 70 favorites, 9 comments