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The Most Wonderful Gift by SeaCigar
15177 views, 102 favorites, 8 comments
Hoy there, this is a gift image given to me by the inesteemable Shiro. It entails a magic gift from an enchanted swan's egg. Frankly, I don't think this picture is realistic at all... If this were happening to me I'd be crying in joy, and not nearly so worried about a little wardrobe shredding;) I considered whether a gift image was proper to present on the site, and decided to do so on two primary factors. One, I believe the quality of the image was good enough to be presentable given curren...
WhaleTrans by Edmol
20621 views, 101 favorites, 8 comments
kw-dragolady-bw by BlackRat
24479 views, 100 favorites, 5 comments
Another doodle that I ended up spending more time on than i wanted. Big mean dragon lady in a skimpy dress heh.
Check the Lable first by Chiron28
24199 views, 100 favorites, 8 comments
Next year, check the experation date on the can before you drink it. Artist challenge 5# (Yes i know its late)
Lizard girl Stuck by PickleJuice
16265 views, 99 favorites, 7 comments
A pink haired girl transforming into a black dinosaur or lizard creature. Problem is, she's stuck halfway between forms and can't get back - not fully monster, definitely not human any more...
Lionade by Kuma
21604 views, 99 favorites, 7 comments
A pic I did for an art trade, and my second coloring attempt. BTW I uploaded the black and white version to my sketches.
WalrusTrans by Edmol
19735 views, 98 favorites, 6 comments
$12 COMMISSION German Shepherd TF by ReddishMaroon
7628 views, 98 favorites, 8 comments
German Shepherd Commission!! isn't ice cream lovely for hot weather!!?
garden fresh !! by Verrest
2 images, 9115 views, 98 favorites, 8 comments
Berries are magic as far as I'm concerned. tagged a chicken because chocobo wasn't an option? beats me
TFSpyke by TayMonkey
5 images, 34875 views, 97 favorites, 8 comments
This is a TF sequence for Spyke, where he drinks a cola that reveals his true self!