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Polly wanna Lollipop by Wrathofautumn
16417 views, 82 favorites, 3 comments
Hehe, these two got booted after only the first round, but at least they got their whistle, cursed whistle pops! O:
milk by Ealadubh
16372 views, 59 favorites, 3 comments
Yes, it's the obligatory cow TF which all artists are required by law to draw at some point in their careers. If somebody can pass along a good enough photo of a school cafeteria, I'll colour this pic and mask it on top.
Lizard girl Stuck by PickleJuice
16262 views, 99 favorites, 7 comments
A pink haired girl transforming into a black dinosaur or lizard creature. Problem is, she's stuck halfway between forms and can't get back - not fully monster, definitely not human any more...
GoodMorning by Foxx
16152 views, 52 favorites, 0 comments
I'm used to drinking the milk out of the cereal bowl in the morning... and came up with this picture...
Trilobabe sm by Corvidima
16139 views, 74 favorites, 17 comments
[Trilobite - Cancer Fund] WARNING: Do Not Swim For At Least 20 Minutes After Eating Primordial Soup.
Fleckytf 2 pages by KelvinTheLion
2 images, 15821 views, 86 favorites, 9 comments
A commissioned comic I did for Mystery Flecky. He wanted to get transformed by dogfood into a wolf and then diapered by Jenna Grape, the kangaroo. I won't be posting the 3rd page here but it's on Fur Affinity if anyone wants to hunt it down. Transfur doesn't seem to want other fetishes mixed with their TFs.
jamesaroo by Flinters
15593 views, 116 favorites, 4 comments
If You Say So by Artist-Guy
15587 views, 116 favorites, 2 comments
Commission from hogorg1 over at deviant art here 1 page comic commission of a guy to a rabbit. Took a while before I had the time to work on it. Enjoy.
Tallyn's Transformation by everruler
4 images, 15577 views, 74 favorites, 13 comments
Commissioned by Kenku and Tallyn.
Pigging Out by Jakkal
4 images, 15552 views, 55 favorites, 3 comments
Commission for @Ealadubh of himself as a traveller in a medieval setting. He was able to secure shelter for the night in a barn, but at what cost?