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Dan Roach by Chrysalis
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Remember, always check to make sure your sandwiches haven't been infected with the roach virus - unless you want to add another bug to the world... A sequence requested by, and starring, Danwolf15 on FurAffinity. Many thanks to him for getting me back into transformation art after... You know, I don't even want to know how long it's been. He was lovely to work with, and this idea was a joy to draw! Comments, questions, and advice are always welcome.
gryffin by Kuma
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heheh, was looking at my old griffin pic the other day, and thought i might take another crack at it with some new stuff i've learned ^_^ Really happy with how it came out
Mouseboy by Kanada
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Here's an overly cute mouse kid for you guys.
cbtensiontamer by Currerbell
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Kind of a dumb idea but hey...a Celestial Seasonings employee grabs an odd cup of "Tension Tamer" tea (the box w/the dragon on the cover).
Sandwitchcraft by LaraTheLabRat
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Guess who's coming to dinner? Oh ho ho. Yeeah, more comission work for a certain inanimate loving Tanuki.
The Most Wonderful Gift by SeaCigar
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Hoy there, this is a gift image given to me by the inesteemable Shiro. It entails a magic gift from an enchanted swan's egg. Frankly, I don't think this picture is realistic at all... If this were happening to me I'd be crying in joy, and not nearly so worried about a little wardrobe shredding;) I considered whether a gift image was proper to present on the site, and decided to do so on two primary factors. One, I believe the quality of the image was good enough to be presentable given curren...
A Pint of Bear by Swatcher
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This is a special bar. With special beer.
Tigersblood by Wrathofautumn
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I got this idea a few years ago on my way to work at my old job. During the summer, they were selling this drink "Tiger's Blood." And that caused the gears in my head to turn. X3 he's going tiger on us, thanks to that slushie.
BearTF by Edmol
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Kuma Art Trade by Wrathofautumn
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In the city of Las Vegas, there's a tourist attraction that discusses the processing of the worldwide soft drink, Coca Cola. The best part of the tour is a concession stand where you can sample all the soda you can drink. But there's a secret stash of special cola only the senior staff members know about. A special stash that can have more repercussions than you can bare...or in this curious tourist's case, a polar bear! *Drum roll* Thank you, I'll be here all week.