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Getting the mail now THIS by Fazar
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Wanted to draw a fox in baggy clothes again, but mostly wanted to test shading/colouring which I've been having a lot of issue with lately. Perhaps a person who has succumb to Haurbus' exotic fox little curse, adding them to a selective list of unique and cute looking foxes. You go out to get the mail, suddenly you're a tiny fox.
Pounced! by Niche
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What started as a speed sketch turned into one of my favorites! I think its really cute, and it still was done quickly enough in a single sitting. A fox spontaneously becomes anthro mid-jump! Looks like a rather crash landing! But he's so cute! <3
Mitsuho Fox Anthro by Luxianne
4120 views, 51 favorites, 3 comments
A quickie anthro of Mitsuho in form of anthro fox. Done with promarkers.
PAIGF - Ch1 cover by Dusker78
9098 views, 34 favorites, 9 comments
In the first chapter of my new TF comic, Professor Amazing and The Incredible Golden Fox, Isla Grace finds herself being drawn into a new dynamic world that will change her life forever. With this in mind, I decided that our first chapter needed a more dynamic cover. Hopefully, this fits the bill. Professor Amazing and The Incredible Golden Fox can be found at Get updates a month in advance and in high definition by becoming a Patron of mine at https://www.p...
Isla Grace - Full TF by Dusker78
6 images, 31707 views, 273 favorites, 5 comments
(6 of 6) A semi non-canon TF sequence from my comic, Professor Amazing and The Incredible Golden Fox. These images are of the comic's protagonist (well, one of the two), Isla Grace. Please visit the comic's website at for a preview video and the first few pages (updated every Friday). There are no TFs in the comic as of yet, but it will be very much TF-centric. If you'd like to see the comics a month ahead of time and in high definition, please become a Pat...
Caffeinated. by Hukeng
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Seriously, what do they put in that stuff nowadays? TF/TG isn´t usually my cup of tea, but, as with a bunch of other things, I can get into it nonetheless. Besides, I wanted to do a coloured sequence anyway. Alright then, who wants to pet some fluffy tail?
Magical Transformation by Virmir
6522 views, 75 favorites, 8 comments
Hey now, just a moment here!
"Wait. That WORKED?!" by Ciervo
9350 views, 71 favorites, 5 comments
Apparently, Lance has unwittingly acquired magical powers. And suddenly I'm on all four hooves.
Stop Animating by Anxiousounce
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I figured I'd inaugurate myself with an older piece of mine... of me transforming into one of my own characters from a long-term animation project... Any minute now I'm going to regret not designing myself with many visible muscles. (In the story she had an ill-fed cubhood.)
Better Reception by Niche
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Gift for Shadowfox