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Some Cases You Never Forget by Niche
6094 views, 68 favorites, 4 comments
“Officer dispatch, there’s a 10-45/9 at 563 Evergreen Road. Be advised, suspect is a 17 year-old male.” Officer Dawson picked up his radio. “Copy, on my way.” Letting out a heavy sigh, he set the radio down and turned on his lights, keeping the sirens silent as he turned off an exit to head to the scene. The call was one of the strangest ones seen, and luckily one of the rarest too. Occasionally a person, randomly, will begin to change, taking on the form of an animal, losing all rationale and m...
Cammy by Niche
8025 views, 92 favorites, 1 comment
Post tftg of a guy into a cross vixen.
Werefox by Niche
4874 views, 55 favorites, 1 comment
Older drawing, commission of a werefox.
She's all ears by Niche
3554 views, 57 favorites, 0 comments
Older drawing, late tf into a bat-eared fox.
Vulpine by Niche
2370 views, 24 favorites, 1 comment
Older drawing. Higher quality self-portrait of me midway to a red fox.
Hunters' Chorus by Niche
3442 views, 35 favorites, 2 comments
Old drawing, tf into a fox due to a song magically calling a hunting pack in need of quarry.
Ecotone by Niche
10240 views, 50 favorites, 1 comment
Older. A pair of transformations into some hybrid animals, a plant-fox and a deer-dragon due to a witch's staff and a unique flower.
Pawnote by Niche
4124 views, 51 favorites, 1 comment
Old drawing, mid transformation into a cross fox while reading a book.
Introduction by Niche
1918 views, 14 favorites, 1 comment
A tf bust of myself into a bat-eared fox (pretty much a second sona for me) serving as a little introduction. I'm Niche, aka Curious, here to share and enjoy transformation and related goodness. Gonna be uploading some old stuff here, and then I'll keep it updated. Check me on FA for a lot more anthro art.
Tofu Commission by Fazar
6035 views, 52 favorites, 4 comments
More shrinky feral fox TF. Character (as far as I'm aware) was anthro, and is heading to Feral Town, express route, right through bulking clothing drive. Played a bit more with lighting, and liked how I drew the pants sagging a lot more. Shirt as well.