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The Delta Project - Snake in Mah Boots by Jakkal
15528 views, 132 favorites, 4 comments
August 2018 The Delta Project page submitted by TomatoGoatee of some poor woman who was cursed by a pair of snakeskin boots. The Delta Project is a crowdfunded anthology with a transformation theme. Every month I will draw at least one comic page for my Patrons (And then released later to the public). I also post my TF artwork there. Patrons get to help decide what is drawn with suggestions, input, and polls! Want to take part? https://www.patreon.com/DeltaProject
mertrans by ShadowsMyst
35053 views, 127 favorites, 3 comments
Mermaid Discoveries by SepiSnake
15627 views, 120 favorites, 5 comments
A scuba diving couple comes across a lone treasure chest along the fringes of an old shipwreck. But instead of just being full of treasures, they find that it has an added surprise for the couple. Done mostly in-stream and trying out different brushes for cel shading. I love doing shark mermaid transformations~
Swimming Surprise by Breezes
10685 views, 113 favorites, 2 comments
Maybe you should've read the fine print on that sunscreen, miss.
hippocampus sequence by Superboo
7 images, 18885 views, 112 favorites, 7 comments
7 part sequence for lasserine and paulrevere1991 over on fa. had a lot of fun with this one. :D
Cobra Cola by SepiSnake
5 images, 14087 views, 110 favorites, 6 comments
Sequence commission for Tofubread on FA of him trying out a new drink.
Cobra Cola Strikes Back by SepiSnake
5 images, 13666 views, 107 favorites, 4 comments
Sequel transformation sequence commission for Umbreon07 on FA to the Cobra Cola sequence I drew for Tofubread.
sealdone by Kuma
25603 views, 106 favorites, 11 comments
Trade with Eala, and my first seal tf! A tad different from how I normally tf folks, but i think it came out pretty good.
Ruthless Men Make Ruthless Sharks by Toonexterminator
20167 views, 104 favorites, 5 comments
Commission for someone on DA. Here's the story behind this pic: John Wallace loved the life of a pirate! At least until he was voted off the boat when food ran short because he was a newest crewmember. In the middle of the Caribbean and without any help, John found the weight of his clothes and cutlass sending him beneath the surface. John resigned himself to his fate. However, unbeknownst to the pirate, he was being watched by eager eyes. It would not be long before he would have gills so h...
Dealing with Snake Juice - COMM by Ametf
18746 views, 99 favorites, 2 comments
Commission for Silao.