Fused Legs

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dolphinTFgag by Tincrash
17244 views, 42 favorites, 3 comments
When I did the last one, I got a response complimenting the last Dolphin TF I did but bringing up the ideas that the tail will grow from the tail bone and not with the subject's feet, So I had this goofy idea. No disrespect intended
Beginning to feel Crappy - Comm. by Ametf
16995 views, 36 favorites, 3 comments
Livestream Commmission for Silao on FA. A pair of humans get ready for a new crappy role as Dung Beetles
Cyrin's fishy predicament by Zho
16879 views, 34 favorites, 4 comments
A commission on FA - @Cyrin the dolphin is experimented on and turned into a spiky fish.
Mermaid Discoveries by SepiSnake
16702 views, 121 favorites, 5 comments
A scuba diving couple comes across a lone treasure chest along the fringes of an old shipwreck. But instead of just being full of treasures, they find that it has an added surprise for the couple. Done mostly in-stream and trying out different brushes for cel shading. I love doing shark mermaid transformations~
tree- by Faunus
16385 views, 87 favorites, 6 comments
She's at the Noah's Ark Nightclub for now, but she was just leaving.
Commission Snake Bite by SepiSnake
16327 views, 93 favorites, 2 comments
A colored sketch commission for Tofubread of my character Sepi biting his persona, injecting him with the serpent's transformative venom.
Toes to Tails by Sutibaru
16097 views, 216 favorites, 8 comments
Cobra Cola by SepiSnake
5 images, 15000 views, 113 favorites, 6 comments
Sequence commission for Tofubread on FA of him trying out a new drink.
Deep Sea Changes by SepiSnake
4 images, 14738 views, 96 favorites, 0 comments
A four part transformation sequence for Taonas-Deridran
Cobra Cola Strikes Back by SepiSnake
5 images, 14609 views, 108 favorites, 4 comments
Sequel transformation sequence commission for Umbreon07 on FA to the Cobra Cola sequence I drew for Tofubread.