Gender Change - Male to Female

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nm-mouse tf tg shrink by Tincrash
3 images, 38877 views, 134 favorites, 20 comments
Sailor Skunk, Power Up! by Amber-Aria
12227 views, 132 favorites, 7 comments
This is a commission done for Taki on Weasyl, depicting one of the most fun TF concepts I've gotten to draw yet~ Here, Taki's using classic magical girl techniques to transform themself into their beautiful female skunk self. I'm an absolute sucker for glowy effects, so getting a chance to do a picture absolutely covered in glitter and sparkles was terribly fun!
Commission - CorgiCorgiW by Battlehog
12691 views, 132 favorites, 3 comments
Collab commission between my spouse and me for the lovely CorgiCorgiW on twitter, who wanted a transformation piece! This was a blast to do :D
Dog TGTF for Shotakitsune by Ichihara-chan
18567 views, 131 favorites, 1 comment
I have a dog girl, I have a loli dress... Aah!
ninaweredonkey by PickleJuice
63303 views, 130 favorites, 7 comments
You get bit by a donkey, you expect a sore ass - not to become one.
Punk Rock Displacement by Cobalt_K
5 images, 28193 views, 129 favorites, 15 comments
Commission for Mr.Nibz on FurAffinity. A pianist takes the stage for a performance, only to discover someone has left a double-guitar on stage. His hands suddenly wrench beyond his control, playing the instrument flawlessly, almost viciously, as changes overwhelm him.
Team Spirit by Banana_of_Doom
4 images, 38789 views, 129 favorites, 10 comments
Big-wide, fat-thighed, purple hippo cheerleader.
Some big pawbs by WhenWolvesCryOut
3 images, 24877 views, 129 favorites, 22 comments
Third page, and kind of a redo of the last one in a way, as I really wasn't happy with it. ------ Did a bit of a follow-up for some more gold and feral sphinx practice. Still struggle with feral animal anatomy a bit...adding human back into that doesn't make it easier. ------ My computer is still crashing non-stop, so have some traditional art. Taking a bit between fighting the digital work to do these little traditional ones helps stop me going crazy from frustration.
Oh deer. by Sevenpaperplates
15907 views, 128 favorites, 3 comments
Terrible pun, terribly traumatic experience.
Other Glowing Ring by Virmir
15518 views, 127 favorites, 5 comments
Doodle for Tomek1000. ;)