Gender Change - Male to Female

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Black and White, but in color by WhenWolvesCryOut
7557 views, 107 favorites, 2 comments
Had a post tftg snep sketch as part of a recent sketch dump for patrons. People seemed to like it, so I decided to use it to experiment with some coloring.
Caffeinated. by Hukeng
12697 views, 107 favorites, 3 comments
Seriously, what do they put in that stuff nowadays? TF/TG isn´t usually my cup of tea, but, as with a bunch of other things, I can get into it nonetheless. Besides, I wanted to do a coloured sequence anyway. Alright then, who wants to pet some fluffy tail?
Side Effects by Tim-Kangaroo
11388 views, 106 favorites, 8 comments
Remember when I signed up with that bunny-girl basketball team ( )? Well, the transformation spell they use sometimes has unexpected side-effects...
Mixed Reality by WhenWolvesCryOut
10516 views, 106 favorites, 3 comments
Mixed medium transformation. Hadn't done one in a while, so I thought I'd make one out of a sketch that had come out well. Traditional brush on the left, digital linework and color on the right.
"Little changes" by KrazyKurt
19740 views, 106 favorites, 1 comment
Kelani turned into a busty woman. And someone "helped" him to make changes better ^^
Curious Smell by Fazar
11048 views, 105 favorites, 10 comments
CuriousFox found themselves cornered by Haurbus, and though the first sniff may not have been that enticing, once that new foxy snout started to come in, all resistance melted away as they became a cute Corsac Vixen. A good example of my lineart I feel.
Jackalope by LanceNightingale
12077 views, 105 favorites, 8 comments
Because why not? A post TfTg image.
Roberta Roo by Flinters
16355 views, 105 favorites, 4 comments
cngdelta757 is the hapless victim of my TG stylus in an online streaming session for WatchTail.
Female potion by Danwolf
13747 views, 104 favorites, 3 comments
I've actually drawn Dan as a female 3 years ago,but It sucked and I couldn't draw good females back then. Soo I've figured...why not drawing it again ? :3 I'm really happy with it,I think she looks adorable with that long hair style. It must be really awkward tough ^^"
Sporty Bunny by Hukeng
11933 views, 103 favorites, 6 comments
Hey, It´s another one of those! This time, an unsuspecting, skinny guy ends up being turned into a tall, athletic rabbit lady because reasons. Fun fact: I actually wanted to do this one completely in shades of blue, but this being me, I ultimately chose to invert everything. Also, the final stage had to be drawn on a separate sheet because ears.