Gender Change - Male to Female

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No use hiding it by Demyxia
12354 views, 102 favorites, 2 comments
A commission for @wolfren of them enduring a slow TF/TG into their rubber raptor canid inflatable critter~
Cat Ghost Possesion by Luxianne
18273 views, 102 favorites, 2 comments
Commission for Deiser
Mans Glove by GrandStorm
25303 views, 102 favorites, 36 comments
Brianna is a character I have had for a while with the Ranma syndrome. Putting on female clothing turns him into her.
coco-tf by Tim-Kangaroo
23304 views, 102 favorites, 11 comments
2 June 2009: It looks like our unfortunate lab assistant is in trouble again, re: He wanted to become a smart, brave and good-looking video game adventurer. So, naturally, the computer turned him into Coco Bandicoot!
Kappy Sequence by WhenWolvesCryOut
6598 views, 102 favorites, 7 comments
A commission I've owed someone for a while now.
Glowing Ring by Virmir
15641 views, 101 favorites, 5 comments
Doodle for Tomek1000. ;)
Bacon by Tgwonder
12776 views, 99 favorites, 3 comments
"Bacon!" What happens, if you misplace some tgtf devices. :v a doodle with Varnamo (left) and stripedwolf (right)
Rough Sleep - Dragon TF TG by Dondedun
11828 views, 99 favorites, 3 comments
Waking up in the middle of the night to change species and sex would probably not lead to being well rested in the morning.
Magical Tomek by Virmir
11778 views, 98 favorites, 3 comments
These things are just lying around everywhere.
Cat by Tgwonder
18465 views, 98 favorites, 2 comments
Meow* :V <3 ~tgwonder