Gender Change - Male to Female

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Just a prick by Niche
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Older sketch, a tftg into an anthro porcupine due to a quill.
Swimming Smoothly by Trevor_Fox
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"It's so hot, I just wanted to go swimming. Looks like I won't be leaving the cool depths of the ocean anytime soon. But hey. 'Least things won't heat up down here too much, right?" So, I don't do backgrounds much, but I really need to work on them. This piece was to give me some practice on that.
Horse by Tgwonder
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Horse :V
Kangaroo Boxing Match by Trevor_Fox
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I get into a little fight! But I lose the match, my humanity, and my current sex.
COMMISSION Roar by ReddishMaroon
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comm for @ihddn!!
No use hiding it by Demyxia
11498 views, 99 favorites, 2 comments
A commission for @wolfren of them enduring a slow TF/TG into their rubber raptor canid inflatable critter~
Spotted Kitty by WhenWolvesCryOut
6311 views, 78 favorites, 2 comments
For LanceNightingale His character Jason, becoming a bit fuzzier and a lot more girlier, after having a run-in with Kat's nanites. He probably should've worn a proper shirt today.
Philly ... Roo? by Flinters
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Philly is a paint unicorn mare- or was. You know what happens when you get too close to me. She's still female, which fits with my needs, but she's going to need a pouch too, so to kangaroo form she goes! Drawn for brooklynx on Tigerdile.
Malissa by WhenWolvesCryOut
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After doing my last post-change drawing of Kat, I decided to ones for two of my close friends. Here's Malcolm. First he got turned into a ferret girl by a coin, now he's been turned into a fairy by a witch! Seems like some people jsut can't catch a break.
Walk by Weazel75
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Been having trouble drawing recently. This thing took me about a week of working off and on to finish.