Gender Change

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Crow Bar by Tgwonder
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Yeah, bricks tend to be over powered. For once. :V
The Woods of Illusions by Tgwonder
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What may appear here, isn't what it may, nor has be about bees. V: <3 ~tgwonder
Bunny Slippers by Robertge
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A quickly done gift art to @tgwonder I liked his recent post and i wanted to draw her in my style. >w<
Bear Transformation by Gillpanda
14406 views, 88 favorites, 15 comments
I really felt that this piece here embodies what I feel almost everyday, or at least what I see happening in the mirror when I come home from work or after a long walk. I just stand there and watch the changes flow over me... Well anyway this was mostly done for the commissions sheet but a few of you wanted to see the full thing. so please enjoy and I hope to get some more transformations, down the road. So if you're into transformation, tell me how you see yourself. • Do you see yourself...
Taki's 'Custom Fit' bathing suit by Flinters
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The suit did feel a bit odd when Taki put it on, but the sales rep swore it would be 'custom fit' The trunks slipped on easily enough, but once about his hips, they pinched, pulled and he could feel quite a wedgie coming on. He tugged, pulled, and tried to remove it, but even as he stared in disbelief, the material flowed upwards on his left side, shifting, changing, and not just the fabric. He could fee his flesh warming, tingly and strangely changing as well, swelling out at his chest and h...
Otter Maid by Tgwonder
4357 views, 26 favorites, 1 comment
And she had a bagpipe. :B <3 ~tgwonder
The Pink Room of the Harem by Tgwonder
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"I supposed that you didn't read the sign, 'Keep Out?' right?" :B <3 ~tgwonder
Dolled by Tincrash
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For Able01 on FA
Reporting For Duty! by Robertge
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What's better than having an Able secretary? A Femable secretary. Especially when she's contracted to do what her employer pleases. This includes wearing skimpy clothes to work! At least she's beating the heat! for able01 on FA
Suddenly, boobs by Robertge
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So a long time ago Exvarn did a trade with me. Back in December XD;;; Here's his part of the trade: Sorry this took so long buddy. Exvarn belongs to exvarn on FA