Gender Change

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Adding to the Herd by Robertge
23487 views, 245 favorites, 16 comments
Theres nothing like signing up into a group. Especially when that group forces you to change genders and become a cow. Milk anyone? ;3
Roberta Roo by Flinters
14881 views, 99 favorites, 4 comments
cngdelta757 is the hapless victim of my TG stylus in an online streaming session for WatchTail.
Rootribution by RushEloc
19288 views, 84 favorites, 19 comments
I think I'm officially "that guy that draws nothing but kangaroo and alligator TFs" now. (That sound you just heard was Wanda Sykes kicking down my door.)
OTTERS Adventures, Episode 1 by RushEloc
2 images, 19248 views, 93 favorites, 33 comments
I'm sorry, were you looking for a transformation comic that MAKES SENSE?
Poodle Puddle by RushEloc
14528 views, 71 favorites, 6 comments
I doubt this requires much explanation.
But I don't want to be a furry! by Atalhlla
17450 views, 79 favorites, 4 comments
What has Fiercewolf gotten himself into, this time?! Haurbus! Done during an OC session. You probably won't see many OC pics...
And There Will Be Ke'ek by Atalhlla
2 images, 31397 views, 93 favorites, 9 comments
Alternative title, which I vetoed immediately: Let Them Eat Ke'ek. Reason: Just No. Two page spreads done all graphic novel style :U Jeramy Fraser was just walking home from a late night of work when he was mugged by a pair of ne'er do well breasts.
Dragon Charms by Redsilk
10902 views, 64 favorites, 7 comments
Putting on random trinkets found in dragon's lairs is never a good thing. Because 9/10 times it's going to turn you into a busty, purple dragoness. Pretty much
The Red Curse by Amber-Aria
3 images, 37734 views, 274 favorites, 22 comments
What if "Little Red Riding Hood" was not a simple fairy tale, and instead of a young girl in a red cape, the persona belongs to a sleek and sexy super heroine? The legacy of this Red Riding Hood does not belong to a single person, but is a curse that transfers from one person to another. This unsuspecting @thistle has unwittingly inherited that curse, and will gain the responsibility of the cloak. Unfortunately, a few changes have to be made so he can fit the uniform...
brenicecream by PickleJuice
4 images, 43468 views, 151 favorites, 10 comments
The Eye Scream store has many flavors, including Chocolate Cougar Chirp! It's tasty and milk filled and makes your front parts full of milk too. Oh ho! fuzzy cougar paws, twitchy kitty ears, slinky feline tail - this cream's got some PUNCH! Now I'm cougar-rrrrrriffic! But-- it's not over! Explosions of size crystals inside the ice cream cause SUPOR GROWWWWRRTH! Eye scream brand ice cream Chocolate Cougar Chirp! It's good for what ails ya!