Gender Change

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Bikini for sharks (AT) by Tomek1000
18441 views, 166 favorites, 8 comments
Here is my part of art trade for my friend clothoverlord he asked for his tf tg into shark girl by using bikini or swim suit Short story: he found on beah bikini when he did get closer it jumped on him and start turning him into shark girl unlucky for him i saw all and i already got evil plan >X3 yep there will be page 2 of it but wont say what my plan is :3 i can say only its revange for tf tg me into Tiana
17633 views, 176 favorites, 7 comments
Cow Bell by Weazel75
15385 views, 65 favorites, 6 comments
Never enough cowbell.
Limb Problem by Virmir
11223 views, 62 favorites, 6 comments
Blasted card catalog.
Multilimbed by Weazel75
10592 views, 38 favorites, 6 comments
Forgot I didn't post this here...
Random Tf Febuary by Tomek1000
5229 views, 36 favorites, 3 comments
Oh ye i did it again this time my traget is :iconcorbynprower: i turned him or better say now her XD into cute lznx girl well have funn corb in new boddz X3
Glowing Ring by Virmir
12127 views, 93 favorites, 5 comments
Doodle for Tomek1000. ;)
Random Tf December by Tomek1000
4526 views, 28 favorites, 0 comments
well i'm a bit too late with this but i had do many work that i couldynt do it on time well here you can see :iconbaneuzakey: discover that he tf tg into his OC Rissa well looks like he is not happy from it but i'm sure he will later enjoy it XD i must say this wings was horror to draw and shade realy lots of detail to do them
Leona by Urbanvixen
3 images, 24657 views, 190 favorites, 14 comments
Magic Bracelet TF for a user on FA. Even though it's TG, I don't think it really requires a mature tag. Do let me know if it needs moving though.
Random Tf November by Tomek1000
5822 views, 50 favorites, 9 comments
For this month my target was celestialrainicorn hehe he was turned into his OC what mean he had to be TG TF into it >:D muhahah wachout coz no one of you know who can be my next target for next month