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Adf Afterparty Color by Taus
29163 views, 294 favorites, 19 comments
Commission for ADF. ^^
The Lab Rat by Shiro
13496 views, 85 favorites, 5 comments
Be careful around your lab animals, you don't want to catch anything...
Collie Rescuer Animal to Anthro by Cobalt_K
7 images, 17056 views, 126 favorites, 10 comments
A commission for EHH123. This collie is transformed via a series of injections over the course of a week and becomes a humanized dog. The final image shows her months, maybe years later, after she's learned to live among humans and trained to combine human intelligence and communication with her canine instincts and abilities to become a superior rescue worker.
Frog Tounge by MjR
7236 views, 31 favorites, 9 comments
I know my submissions are few and far between and I know it's another FROG pin up but what do you expect its my characters 10th anniversary this year.
Dragon Transfur by Shiro
16916 views, 159 favorites, 6 comments
I knew my Ancestors had a connection to this cave but I-AAACK!!! I n-never imagined it'd do anything like THIS to me!!
horsetfinthechair by Tincrash
32182 views, 159 favorites, 10 comments
Rabbit-Valerie-part- by Shiro
47329 views, 99 favorites, 4 comments
Valerie is involved in a Experiment regarding the DNA of the rabbit in the tube next to her. The product solution pours over her, and she takes on wererabbit traits, not unlike her lapine friend in the other tube...