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taller by KabukiHomewood
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ust something fun and silly I drew at work. Giraffe women are hot!
josh by Bilious
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Joshua Rivers came to the Island thinking he would be teaching English and Literature to unfortunate Islanders. Little did he know JUST how unfortunate these islanders were, nor how unfortunate his fate would be as one of Moreau's more bizaar experiments- slowly turning into a "Girafftaur". Character owned by Poufywerewolf- as always with these IoDM sequences, they will be updated as the character changes in the RP ^_^ edit: Josh has now finished changing!
Girraffe by Halfwing
12578 views, 56 favorites, 1 comment
A giraffe transformation... people tell me his expression's funny... ^^;
Taller by Foxx
15222 views, 104 favorites, 2 comments
Uploading some favorite older pieces. Boy becomes a giraffe, with neck pain.
giraffe by PickleJuice
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Doesn't look like much of a TF, does it? well, take a gander at the writing on the bottle...
GiraffeTrans by Edmol
20613 views, 122 favorites, 3 comments
MysticGiraffeRock by CaliforniaKitFox
21210 views, 77 favorites, 3 comments
Mystic Giraffe Rock
iangirrafe by Tincrash
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