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gorillatf by Kuma
20671 views, 174 favorites, 15 comments
I'm kinda on the 'up all night' thing again, thought I'd challenge myself and give myself a time limit to complete a pic. This was a 30-minute pic, the idea behind the image itself was based on the fact that I had king kong on in the BG..., took me 15 min. for the sketch and another 15 min. for color. Was actually quite fun to do, most likely gonna do this again.
Gorilla by Heezy
9059 views, 62 favorites, 3 comments
I was able to draw this in my spare time since I've been so busy. Just a guy transforming into a gorilla. It turned out alright, but it's still nice. :) And thanks to Avriel, I've realized his thumb is on the wrong side. I commend you for being the first to notice. :)
Couple TF - The Rainforest Room by Cayuga
13003 views, 58 favorites, 9 comments
A TF comic! Wordless, because I want to push ARTISTIC BOUNDRIES. The Rainforest Room at the TF Hotel. They didn't get what they expected with those fancy candles. But they seem into it. A lady turning into a gorilla and feeling weird about it (at first) was compelling to me. I wanted to play with her being bigger than him at the end. An anteater TF seemed to be utterly boring but I gave it a shot. This was also my first published TF with exposed female nipples (that weren't cow udd...
gorilla by Greenback
14619 views, 55 favorites, 6 comments
a schoolgirl into a gorilla,
toughdayatwork by Ookamichan
14219 views, 44 favorites, 5 comments
a stressful day at work can bring out the animal in anyone
L-ooking Good! by Ciervo
5464 views, 28 favorites, 0 comments
... for a gorilla, that is. --- Looooong overdue trade for ageaus - from back in May!
Public transport by Splice
7296 views, 26 favorites, 5 comments
Transforming in a public place can be so embarrassing!
nm-Mantogorilla by Tincrash
9246 views, 25 favorites, 1 comment
Man transforming into a Gorilla
aw-gorilla by AlphaWolf
10526 views, 13 favorites, 2 comments
When doing research on lowland gorrillas, try not to get *too* into your work.