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Griffon Knight by Shiro
23157 views, 75 favorites, 12 comments
curses can be a real pain, even in medieval times, as this Knight found out. He transforms into a griffin, by moonlight, after being cursed by a sorceror.
FryscTreeCommission by Zho
18665 views, 75 favorites, 10 comments
Finally finished a commission! A colourful gryphon being painted up into a tree. Guest starring my Jackalgirl, with some new clothes
Tallyn's Transformation by everruler
4 images, 17212 views, 75 favorites, 13 comments
Commissioned by Kenku and Tallyn.
Ych3-Documenting Changes by Fringedog
8126 views, 68 favorites, 2 comments
Completed version of the third image in a set of YCH commissions prompts I recently offered.
Hexa Evolution by Birvan
11391 views, 68 favorites, 8 comments
This is something I've drew in 2012, though this idea has been floating around in my head since 2009. And it's something I'm still refining and working on to this day Anyway this whole thing started with a cousin of the lobe-finned fish. Instead of using only 2 pairs of limbs for locomotion it used 3, which led to the prehistoric 6 limbed reptile that birthed the entire hexapod family tree One of the family lines grew a colorful interdigital membrane to intimidate opponents and attract par...
Bloodline by Shiro
22946 views, 64 favorites, 11 comments
Centuries later, and the griffon knights descendants are suffering the same fate as their anscestor... with such a drastic change, will they be able to cope? Maybe they'll learn to enjoy it in time...
Gryphon by Manto
9937 views, 63 favorites, 5 comments
I'll draw another version.. with wings
GRYPH by Gryf
14387 views, 63 favorites, 1 comment
kw-blckgriff-c by BlackRat
17345 views, 61 favorites, 2 comments
Remake 4
Set Your Spirit Free by Corvidima
8515 views, 54 favorites, 4 comments
Taking Yoga classes while on an Art Nouveau kick... add in my favorite middle-eastern dance outfit, and thought the three might combine into something interesting.