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griffonmountsm by Arania
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Next to last sequence of this batch, I promise XD - A warrior-for-hire is sent after a sorceress who has been 'terrorizing' a local village. However, when confronted, she proves her competence against the man - bringing him over to her side ^_~
Gryphon by Kuma
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Just something I threw together really quick.
gryphoncol by PickleJuice
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An expanded gryphon transformation sequence done once a long time ago, inked to near perfection, and hand colored with prismacolors. Tah to the dah
PageFin by Jakkal
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This is page 1 of a human to gryphon transformation sequence that Sigmarr, a good and patient friend of mine, commissioned. Ever think that your life isn't as it should be? That fate has taken the wrong path? Ever stare at the clouds in the sky ... and kn
gryphonTF by Jakkal
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Sketch of a gryphon TF from behind.
kw-combo-cl by BlackRat
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Pic 5 Cat+Bird (golden eagle)= Griffen.
Bloodline by Shiro
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Centuries later, and the griffon knights descendants are suffering the same fate as their anscestor... with such a drastic change, will they be able to cope? Maybe they'll learn to enjoy it in time...
Griffon Knight by Shiro
23050 views, 75 favorites, 12 comments
curses can be a real pain, even in medieval times, as this Knight found out. He transforms into a griffin, by moonlight, after being cursed by a sorceror.
GriffinTrans by Edmol
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kw-blckgriff-c by BlackRat
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Remake 4