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gryph tf by THE COAST IS NEAR
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i make a new sona*, i tf into it, them's the rules *
Eltirith The Gryphon Part Three by Wrathofautumn
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Last page, inspired by a dream I had! The weeks rolled by, and as Nienor said, she did everything she could to find a way to return Eltirith to normal. Eltirith was not ill-treated, either. He was given a bed to roost on and fed with some of the finest meats. He was trained and pampered as any flying mount of the Alliance was. Though it was not too bad a luxury, he missed Quel'thalas. How could he go home, though, looking like he did? How could he face his own kind? Finally, after consulti...
The Jadening by Rex_equinox
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Freebie for @frysco
Spin the Wheel: 3 by Shadowpelt
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Take a bite out of life by spinning the wheel. But be warned, life might want to take a bite back. For @frysco
Coconuts by Gryphius
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Sometimes you wish those summer beach days can last forever, don't you? ... perhaps they can, all you have to do is wiggle your toes nice and deep down into that sand~