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Fireflies by Comic
12631 views, 115 favorites, 8 comments
I'm back and about to unload a bunch of stuff that I've been putting back from this site. Hope you like it, though if you've seen my dA account this might not be new to you...sorry.
Wolf to Anthro Wolf by Jakkal
5 images, 13760 views, 115 favorites, 8 comments
Livestream Commission for EHH123 of a regular she-wolf changing into an anthro wolf.
The Red Forest by Wuffy23
12 images, 16310 views, 115 favorites, 10 comments
Commision for Rykaran on FA After receiving a strange package containing a dragon egg Rykaran finds himself not only becoming a dragon himself but also finding the world changing to suit his new form. Full story (page by page) found here: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/16459931/
Freefalling by Viergacht
13234 views, 110 favorites, 8 comments
A dragon transformation commission for Nothere - it is actually five distinct large, detailed drawings, this is just a smaller combined version with simple shading to show online. It took a while to do since I was fighting rolling blackouts the whole time, but I'm very happy with how she turned out! Been doing a lot of these types of drawings lately, and I really love drawing dragons (who doesn't?) because I'm a big ol' lizard nerd.
You Can't Escape! by Niche
8131 views, 109 favorites, 2 comments
Trade with a friend. Seems he--she has found quite the evasive pumpkin! She'll need all her panda reflexes to catch it! Based on an adorable video on youtube.
Demon Dragons tf by Heezy
18362 views, 109 favorites, 8 comments
Request for Rajara (FA). Just two guys being possessed by two demon dragon spirits. No big deal... (Featuring Rajara and Wyraachur)
Tiger Lyn Sequece by Carousel-Cat
3 images, 8687 views, 109 favorites, 4 comments
A small commissioned sequence of Z-Ray's character Lyn turning into a pretty kitty.
Double Crossed by Niche
11003 views, 108 favorites, 2 comments
A trade with a friend, who really liked my fursona design. So I thought he should try it out. This is one of the first times I'm the one tfing someone else, and not on the receiving end. It's an interesting change.
[Patreon]-Draconic Idol-Kobold Servant by Fringedog
5 images, 17162 views, 106 favorites, 4 comments
Toned Paper Inks patreon commission for Jack. A sixth picture is coming
AT Nolhyaa by SepiSnake
7119 views, 105 favorites, 2 comments
art trade for Nolhyaa on dA/FA of her transforming into her dragon character.