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DJ Z TF comic by Antiquity-Varmint
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This is my second TF comic art work, enjoy! Art and comic layouts: Antiquity Varmint visual story Scripting: Antiquity Varmint Writing: DJ Z (retired), and Antiquity Varmint Proof reading: Limemas (FA) French translation: monterrang (DA and FA) DJ Z © to DJ Z Art © to Antiquity Varmint
Change of possession by Xids
8469 views, 39 favorites, 3 comments
this is an ink commission for 77chaos77. Looks like hes getting into character at a inopportune time. Chaos into his fursona
SabinEmelynsm by Arania
17360 views, 62 favorites, 8 comments
A recent piece I did for a good friend - the same Hedgehog Emelyn that was depicted in Sirenz's sequence, but a different take. Here, she has just finished her transformation, and takes off her pilot's goggles, a symbol of her life before and who she used to be.
emelyn by Sirenz
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Emelyn's 100 percent
Emelyn Pinup by Emerwyn
16994 views, 95 favorites, 6 comments
An image I did for a friend. She wanted a pin-up of her IoDM character. It humors me much.