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A Witch Horses Around by Ametf
14961 views, 112 favorites, 12 comments
Commission comic for Mgeni on FA. Pesky witches ( Anyone else getting some errors on the site? I sometimes get " Not found" notifications from Chrome)
Horsin' around by Demyxia
2 images, 8486 views, 59 favorites, 2 comments
Chibi commission from FA look, it's even a sequence
EHH-Horsestagetfsmall by Janexas
10029 views, 72 favorites, 0 comments
A 3 stage stream sketch commission from EHH123 over at fa. I just love drawing horses.
Livestream Commission: Karen and Procene Meet! by Jakkal
25 images, 77097 views, 355 favorites, 47 comments
Last Minute Update: Procene and PR decided to get another image, where the stuff that allows Procene to talk is wearing off. Is there more to come? Well that's up to Procene and Paul Revere! July Update: Finally, the final images. This sequence is complete! Karen finally found her flowers, and she's starting to change back. She relaxes in the natural hot springs of the area. Procene tries to relax, finds it's rather difficult. Jun 3 Update: Three more pics. A wild blizzard appears! ...
AngstSkunk commission by Superboo
6854 views, 41 favorites, 2 comments
Commission for angstskunk angstskunk! One dude turnin into a draft horse, the other into a pony. FUTURE SIZE DIFFERENCE.
horse tf of course by Mearcu-hound
8589 views, 64 favorites, 1 comment
A lady soon to be called horse
A Horse Named Charity by Comic
5 images, 24704 views, 279 favorites, 14 comments
Some people don't like the name. Well to them I say the following. "-pbbbbbtt-...That's the sound a butt makes." -Comic, 2014
A Little Horse by everruler
8098 views, 105 favorites, 4 comments
Commissioned by Agentcypher
HOLD YER HORSES by ReddishMaroon
7748 views, 88 favorites, 3 comments
tails and dress just weren't made for each other huh
Manely Horses (Commission) by Ciervo
14541 views, 105 favorites, 4 comments
Aayrick's doing a number on me: TF by comb! (That's a new one.)