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sangoma by Ealadubh
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Definitely not a person to get on the wrong side of.
YenaFace by Foxx
6179 views, 53 favorites, 7 comments
InDreams by Foxx
14230 views, 64 favorites, 1 comment
now THIS one.. pen, pencil, lead, color pencil, carcoal and marker. yay for mixed media. also lots of work on realistic fabric (which didn't scan too well, I admit). pretty elaborate for just a hyena tf, ain't it? =)
Backpain by Foxx
8616 views, 45 favorites, 0 comments
back pain - he'll be feeling better in the morning. =D (SORRY about the double post - had to update the image to fix the colour as I scanned it incorrectrly originally)
StrongCoffee by Foxx
11072 views, 23 favorites, 0 comments
a hyena!!!! I love hyenas. =D drew this a while back... never got around to uploading it. it's a more
Hunched by Foxx
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my favorate hyena transformation yet. no, I'm not obsessed... =)
Spotted by Foxx
6409 views, 37 favorites, 1 comment
nobody does hyena transformations either, which bothers me as I'm very partial to the little guys.