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By the pool by Binturongboy
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The first ever inflatable TF I did. :D
Magic Of the Trance Dance - Bushman to Lion TF by Kuzim
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An artwork that requires some background. The San bushmen are a hunter-gatherer indigenous people who live in the Kalahari and Namib deserts of Southern Africa. A major part of San tradition is the Ritual Trance dance, and during trance, experiences of transformation are well documented, and depicted in san rock art, I was going to go for a tf into an Eland, which is the most important animal in San culture, but then I watched a documentary about Kalahari bushmen and lions, which lead me to...
CMSN: Society's Seal of Approval by wrenzephyr2
10377 views, 79 favorites, 0 comments
Serena grumbled as she stood in front of the Head of the Society. Once more, she has found herself being reprimanded for her behavior. She rubbed her arm softly, wincing at the squeak of rubber on rubber coming from the suit she was being forced to wear. She crossed her arms more tightly to try and avoid more of the sound, but every tiny movement made a lewd squeak. She wasn't aware the Head was into this sort of Rubber/Latex kink, but perhaps if she played along a bit she could reduce her sente...
Hypnosis TF by Sa_no
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I dream of Zhoe by Zho
20217 views, 70 favorites, 4 comments
Oh Jinx! Always managed to surprise me! Even when I think I'm finally done being a girl.
Reality Hypnosis by ArcticFFFox
9920 views, 68 favorites, 2 comments
BurstCoffee requested a hypnosis session from Arctic, which he excitedly agreed to -- it's an opportunity to TF someone willing, after all! And for a first hypnosis, it seems to be going rather swell.
Snake Addition by Virmir
13536 views, 67 favorites, 10 comments
A logical way to solve a problem. Commission for Aira Fox, featuring Medik Jackal!
Horse Head Hike by KrazyIvan
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Another Horse TF for an awesome patron Nude version on my Patreon Page: https://www.patreon.com/krazyivan
Rolling in the Mud by Kitsunefan
10068 views, 64 favorites, 5 comments
Commission for Pheagle Adler
Explosive Temper by ArcticFFFox
15073 views, 64 favorites, 2 comments
Brachydios TF. He's getting huge! Commission from last year.